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Lost & Found

Posted on: 07.31.10

There are some posts that just kind of roll straight from my brain to my finger tips, before I can even  really think carefully about what I write. This is kind of one of them… I have realized today that in my quest to be a good wife, there are some parts of me that I have lost! Nothing really important, per say, but little things… So here’s a few!

  • I used to take frequent bubble baths, or have personal ‘spa’ time in my bathroom, while listening to Norah Jones & Michael Buble
  • I LOVED listening to country music while cleaning on Saturday mornings
  • Watching movies before bed time, reading almost constantly.
  • Walking aimlessly around, shopping by myself, going to the movies by myself, etc. (A lot of these were things I used to do while in Philly & Philipsburg, that are harder to do in the country).
  • Day trips, photography, scrapbooking, travelling- all things we don’t really have a lot of money to do right now. I used to love going to local parks, or places in the city and just falling in love with the scenery bey camera lens.
  • Crafty stuff, I really don’t have much of a desire to be very crafty after planning the craft event of the year, oops I mean, my wedding!
  • Web design, Graphic design, I used to love messing around with stuff and making cool things

All of these things are wonderful things, and part of me wishes I still had passion for some of them, and others I’ll come back to and pick up, now that I realize I haven’t been doing much of them… but all in all, I’m pretty glad I’ve found myself as a wife, and it’s a different person than lonely Sarah the single-girl.

What are some things you’ve sort of lost, and some things you have found in replacement (or in addition)? Soon I’ll post things I do now that I never really did much of before…

Loving Life,
-Mrs. W.


2 Responses to "Lost & Found"

Wow. I love this post. I am not a wife or anything, but I feel that the same thing goes for all those married guys out there too. Gosh.

Well to answer your ending question.
I lost time. Time in general of just doing things I love. Art/ Writing(Blogging is just now my ultimate goal)/Reading (Blogging is replacing this too :D/and umm just being a kid.

I lost that free kid feeling as soon as I moved away from home and went to boarding school. I wish I had that time where I could just sit around and play with toys or stand in the corner! I do. I love being the kid who would clean his room when he was told. I miss homework after school. I lost this and we all do, I am slowing trying to regain it by being an outgoing and loving guy. Trying.

Thanks for the post! Made me happy!

Sweet- thanks for commenting!! Definitely nothing against married guys commenting on stuff :-). I don’t miss homework, at all (not the high school or college variety), but to have a trace of childhood back (maybe not have to pay bills for a month, haha) would be wonderful!

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