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I’ve recently read The Pursuit of Holiness, and have a review posted on my book review site. If you enjoy reading free books, check out NavPress’ Blogger Review Program! Click on the picture or on the link above to check it out!!

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I’ve been reading The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges. It’s been getting me thinking about holiness, and even what it means to bless God, to somehow show him something REAL that means something, in return for all He is, and all He has done. So, if you know me you know that I love to google. I found this site: The Talk Place… the particular blog I read was titled “What does it mean to bless God?”.. and the author has several challenges for the reader to use… and this is where I’m going, today.

“But Herein lies the greatest challenge. Because God is Holy, only a gift given in the right spirit is a blessing. If we don’t give to God freely and joyfully with only the expectation that God is to be Glorified. Then our gifts are as filthy Rags. This is what it means to Bless God. It means to give him Honor, Reverence, Glory and to acknowledge his power, through our words and our songs and daily lives. And to do all this freely and joyfully. So is Blessing God something we should be doing in ways apart from singing? Yes it is! God is indeed worthy and we should look for ways to Bless him all the time. We should be writing that poem that Honors Him. We should be singing that song that praises Him.
Yes we should feel free to say “Praise the Lord” in a moment of Joy or relief.  It is a good thing to find ways to praise God up to others. It is a true gift to God when we find something that Glorifies Him. God The father is deserving of being revered.
Lets renew our commitment to God in such a way that He might be Revered, Honored and Glorified. Lets renew our commitment to Bless God.”

(bold/italics/underline mine)

So what is your shared blessing to God? I’ll comment with mine, as I think and pray on it more! Let’s bless Him, together!!

-Mrs. W.


…checked out my book review blog site, please do! Leave comments, add me as a favorite link, do whatever you need to get on the train, because I’m at a point where these book reviews are really going to take off! Right now I’m reading a book called The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges, and God is teaching me so much!! In the future there will also be book give-aways from that site… It might not look like much now, but don’t get left behind when it starts going places! Here’s the link:

Got it? Good! (Hey, this girl is going places, and as a friend, reader, or observer- I don’t want you to be left behind!)

-Mrs. W.

Life has been going pretty well lately. Andy’s first 30 days full time are up soon, so that means insurance benefits soon! I still have about another 60-90 days until I get benefits. I can’t wait until I can go to the doctors, and get on some sort of medication for my diabetes, and maybe find out if I have a thyroid condition. Also it will be good to see if there’s female issues, or if I can have kids someday. The roomie is looking for an apartment, and hoping to move out pretty soon. I’m excited to have my space with my husband… our marriage is going very well- we’re growing again! Wonderful :-).  Church is going great… I love having freedom in worship. I can’t wait until my new book sneeze books come- I love book reviewing! Okay, that’s enough for now, time to get ready for work…

-Mrs. W.


I’ve recently read Resurrection in May, and have a review posted on my book review site. If you enjoy reading free books, check out! Click on the picture or on the link above to check it out!!

…I guess I didn’t! I was going to post something last weekend for my birthday, but I must have forgotten! I’ve been quite busy lately. Life has been going very well, God is constantly good, despite our humanity. Soon I’ll have a post for a book review that I need to write later. But for now, it’s just that life is going well.

It’s always fun to get to know fellow bloggers- and in this instance, I’ll bite!

I like…where my life is heading right now… for once, things seem very much on track.

I don’t like…living so far from my family. I really miss them, as well as my friends that live far away.

I love...seeing little ones smile :-). There is nothing happier on this earth than seeing a baby/little child smile or laugh.

I dream of…someday having kids of my own, living somewhere nice with my husband :-).

I wonder…why life takes the turns it does, sometimes.

I know…things are really looking up for Mr. W. and I!

I went…too far with credit cards and stupid decisions, in college.

I have…the most wonderful husband, ever. He truly brings the best out in me.

I think…I’m almost ready for bed!

I plan…to start planning more! AND stick to those plans!

I regret…very few things… I’d do them differently if I had the choice, maybe… a lot of those things helped me to become who I am and what I’m about, now.

I do…cling to Christ as my rock and source.

I drink…too much milk.

I well… and I pray God’s best for you.

I am…sleepy and getting lazy with these answers!

I am not…who I used to be, nor who I will be in the future!

I need…Sleep

I graduated…from high school 9 years ago, and college four years ago…

I hope…in the Lord.

I want…more adventures and vacations and get-aways with my husband!

I sometimes..take life on like a bull in a china cabinet… and I need to work on that.

I always…try to remember my most fond memories…

I this.

I work…with toddlers. It’s wonderful, and difficult.

I cannot…drive… and that drives me nuts!

I avoid…creepers.

I will…achieve my goals.

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