Simplifying Sarah


Posted on: 12.16.11

Sorry for the strange title! That my friends, is the blowing sound I just made to get the dust off this blog!!

I have had a very strange year, indeed. Moving (again), falling in love with my husband (again), getting on medications for my diabetes (again), changing churches (again)…. lots of repeats of the last few years of marriage, but with better outcomes overall!!

Funny how you can just do something- or you can commit it to the Lord. Whenever I’ve just DONE something by myself, it’s never worked out… but after committing these things to God, they seem to work themselves out. I plan on ending this year well, sharing my thoughts with you all… and I plan on starting off 2012 even better, by keeping you all posted!

Overall, God is just really really good. I cannot type enough words of how good he has been to the W’s this year!! All I know is that I had ‘planned’ for me being pregnant in 2011, and afterall- it’s not happening, but guess what…. THAT’S OK! I’m starting a new journey… and that’s what I’m really excited about. Follow that journey here.

AND I’m still selling mark. cosmetics… I’d love some Christmas business!


-Mrs. W.


2 Responses to "Whoooooooosh…"

good thoughts!!!!

Thanks Julia!! I kind of forgot about this blog (again), but I do think I’ll keep it, and update it shortly!

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