Simplifying Sarah

About Me…

  • I am 28 years old City Girl born and raised!
  • I’ve been married to a home-grown Country Boy since March of 2009. He really is my best friend, and my biggest blessing!
  • I’ve been transplanted from Philly, PA to N.E. Ohio! Hello Country Charm!
  • I work FT as a Toddler Teacher’s Assistant. My husband has been a temp for over two years at various places, and is close to being hired in at his current job!
  • I am a part of The Epicenter Church– Check us out online!
  • I love to read, do crafts, cook and bake, and take road trips.
  • I am a mark. rep! You can shop my eboutique by clicking HERE

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  • RT @ChHunter66: God descends to the humble as waters flow down from the hills into the valleys. - St. Tikhon of Voronezh 1 year ago
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