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…checked out my book review blog site, please do! Leave comments, add me as a favorite link, do whatever you need to get on the train, because I’m at a point where these book reviews are really going to take off! Right now I’m reading a book called The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges, and God is teaching me so much!! In the future there will also be book give-aways from that site…┬áIt might not look like much now, but don’t get left behind when it starts going places! Here’s the link:

Got it? Good! (Hey, this girl is going places, and as a friend, reader, or observer- I don’t want you to be left behind!)

-Mrs. W.


I’ve recently read Resurrection in May, and have a review posted on my book review site. If you enjoy reading free books, check out! Click on the picture or on the link above to check it out!!

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