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It’s always fun to get to know fellow bloggers- and in this instance, I’ll bite!

I like…where my life is heading right now… for once, things seem very much on track.

I don’t like…living so far from my family. I really miss them, as well as my friends that live far away.

I love...seeing little ones smile :-). There is nothing happier on this earth than seeing a baby/little child smile or laugh.

I dream of…someday having kids of my own, living somewhere nice with my husband :-).

I wonder…why life takes the turns it does, sometimes.

I know…things are really looking up for Mr. W. and I!

I went…too far with credit cards and stupid decisions, in college.

I have…the most wonderful husband, ever. He truly brings the best out in me.

I think…I’m almost ready for bed!

I plan…to start planning more! AND stick to those plans!

I regret…very few things… I’d do them differently if I had the choice, maybe… a lot of those things helped me to become who I am and what I’m about, now.

I do…cling to Christ as my rock and source.

I drink…too much milk.

I well… and I pray God’s best for you.

I am…sleepy and getting lazy with these answers!

I am not…who I used to be, nor who I will be in the future!

I need…Sleep

I graduated…from high school 9 years ago, and college four years ago…

I hope…in the Lord.

I want…more adventures and vacations and get-aways with my husband!

I sometimes..take life on like a bull in a china cabinet… and I need to work on that.

I always…try to remember my most fond memories…

I this.

I work…with toddlers. It’s wonderful, and difficult.

I cannot…drive… and that drives me nuts!

I avoid…creepers.

I will…achieve my goals.


BIG Change this weekend!

This is the “Before”… My hair hasn’t been cut since early last July! Over a year!!

The “after”… A girl from my church cut my hair, and she did a wonderful job! I feel absolutely stunning, and haven’t felt very pretty lately, so this is a really awesome boost!

PS: I also surprised Mr. W. with this change- he loved it!!

-Mrs. W.

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