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So as I’m  sitting here writing this blog, I’m thinking about what kind of day I’m going to make today. A “manic Monday” our a “marvelous Monday”?

I woke up feeling fairly ill. Took a nap before work and woke up to a co-worker asking me to clock in due to a family emergency. I’m glad I was around to  help… Then after she came back clocked out for 2 more hours until it was my shift. (We only have one car so I spend early mornings at work since Mr. W works early).

Today started fairly manic and nuts but I’m trying to turn it marvelous. Sometimes life is making things happen earthside (putting faith into action), and praying for God to make happen what you can’t.

So what about you? Are you reinventing your moments? Your days? Weeks/months/years? How about your crappy/crabby attitudes?

Are you hoping for the impossible and enjoying the improbable? Are you standing on the edge of the valley looking at the horizon  and sunrise to come, or looking back at the troubles to climb?

Close your eyes, breathe, and remember Psalm 46:10- “Be still and  know that I am God…”

And, have a marvelous day.

xx Mrs. W

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I don’t know about you but sometimes the farthest thing from my mind is what shape my lips are in… A smile, frown, growl, surprise, laughter- all ways others can read me… And most of the time I could care less. Not anymore… I’m teaching myself to smile and speak joyful things not because of any situations, but because of my salvation. I’ve been situation-driven for too long, and now need to be savior driven.

Getting Schooled by my Savior,
-Mrs. W.

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