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So as I’m  sitting here writing this blog, I’m thinking about what kind of day I’m going to make today. A “manic Monday” our a “marvelous Monday”?

I woke up feeling fairly ill. Took a nap before work and woke up to a co-worker asking me to clock in due to a family emergency. I’m glad I was around to  help… Then after she came back clocked out for 2 more hours until it was my shift. (We only have one car so I spend early mornings at work since Mr. W works early).

Today started fairly manic and nuts but I’m trying to turn it marvelous. Sometimes life is making things happen earthside (putting faith into action), and praying for God to make happen what you can’t.

So what about you? Are you reinventing your moments? Your days? Weeks/months/years? How about your crappy/crabby attitudes?

Are you hoping for the impossible and enjoying the improbable? Are you standing on the edge of the valley looking at the horizon  and sunrise to come, or looking back at the troubles to climb?

Close your eyes, breathe, and remember Psalm 46:10- “Be still and  know that I am God…”

And, have a marvelous day.

xx Mrs. W

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How many of us can really say we enjoy life, even a little (let alone to the fullest which would be everyone’s ideal)? I definitely don’t enjoy everything all of the time. But I will share my favorites from this week…

1- How beautiful the weather was when not rainy
2- Good ole’ fashioned thunderstorms
3- Iced coffee from burger king with whipped cream on top
4- Finding the perfect bowling ball for my finger size and ball weight- $5 from goodwill!!
5- Sitting out on the balcony before bed unwinding.
6- Wattpad app on my droid allowing me to read new fiction.
7- My job. I love it!
8- Having a great landlord who bought us a brand new stove!

What are you enjoying?



Posted on: 04.16.11

Happy 2011! I know theres a lot of dust on this blog and probably no more readers, and it’s already April… But Happy New Year! Haha. Life has been a wee bit crazy for me (us). But Mr. W and I are doing well. God is good! More later I suppose.

Mrs. W

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(Maybe I’ll use a few words…

We’re going to Larry & Jess’ wedding today. Yay! I’m really excited for this.

We got a new car… a 2003 ford focus. this is a picture of one, but not of ours. We didn’t take a picture. Same color gold though…

Adam moved back to PA almost two weeks ago… he’s doing really well there! We miss him being nearby, but having the house to ourselves has really hit the “reset” button on our marriage! Newlyweds all over again :-).

Thats all :-).

  • I’m not going to sit back any longer and watch my calling be turned to dust! I talked today to Pastor about becoming one of the churches ministers who preach, teach, etc… and work with the youth. I FEEL SO PEACEFUL about this!! Also, thanking God that our church was given nine acres of land for our youth camp, buildings are up, fields, courts, pools, bunks, etc… what a fantastic miracle!!
  • Also, today I’m holding fast to the promise that God will provide the desire of my heart… even Mr. W. prayed that I would be able to have a baby, which made me cry. Someday I will have a child… my faith is restored in this. And I’m kind of laughing at so many people relating me to Sarah from the Bible… which makes me wonder if I get pregnant with a little boy if he needs to be named Isaac.
  • I’m not quite ready for this week to start, I could use a 3-day weekend… Hmmm not sure when the next one will be! But I’ll be patient and let this week come as it may.
  • This week does hold promise- it’s the youth revival at church, and I’m excited to hear the different speakers.
  • I miss Gracie, our kitty, but she had FIV and we basically took her to a home where people could take care of her better (roomie called it a kitty hospice)…
  • I’m already tired of winter,and it’s only October 3rd… was it seriously this cold last year this time!?

What random is going on in your life?
-Mrs. W.

Life has been going pretty well lately. Andy’s first 30 days full time are up soon, so that means insurance benefits soon! I still have about another 60-90 days until I get benefits. I can’t wait until I can go to the doctors, and get on some sort of medication for my diabetes, and maybe find out if I have a thyroid condition. Also it will be good to see if there’s female issues, or if I can have kids someday. The roomie is looking for an apartment, and hoping to move out pretty soon. I’m excited to have my space with my husband… our marriage is going very well- we’re growing again! Wonderful :-).  Church is going great… I love having freedom in worship. I can’t wait until my new book sneeze books come- I love book reviewing! Okay, that’s enough for now, time to get ready for work…

-Mrs. W.


It’s always fun to get to know fellow bloggers- and in this instance, I’ll bite!

I like…where my life is heading right now… for once, things seem very much on track.

I don’t like…living so far from my family. I really miss them, as well as my friends that live far away.

I love...seeing little ones smile :-). There is nothing happier on this earth than seeing a baby/little child smile or laugh.

I dream of…someday having kids of my own, living somewhere nice with my husband :-).

I wonder…why life takes the turns it does, sometimes.

I know…things are really looking up for Mr. W. and I!

I went…too far with credit cards and stupid decisions, in college.

I have…the most wonderful husband, ever. He truly brings the best out in me.

I think…I’m almost ready for bed!

I plan…to start planning more! AND stick to those plans!

I regret…very few things… I’d do them differently if I had the choice, maybe… a lot of those things helped me to become who I am and what I’m about, now.

I do…cling to Christ as my rock and source.

I drink…too much milk.

I well… and I pray God’s best for you.

I am…sleepy and getting lazy with these answers!

I am not…who I used to be, nor who I will be in the future!

I need…Sleep

I graduated…from high school 9 years ago, and college four years ago…

I hope…in the Lord.

I want…more adventures and vacations and get-aways with my husband!

I sometimes..take life on like a bull in a china cabinet… and I need to work on that.

I always…try to remember my most fond memories…

I this.

I work…with toddlers. It’s wonderful, and difficult.

I cannot…drive… and that drives me nuts!

I avoid…creepers.

I will…achieve my goals.

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