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So, I have used Creative Writing Prompts in other blog posts before, though none yet on WordPress. Tonight’s blog comes from “List 7 reasons to turn down a marriage proposal” prompt… I’m not sure yet whether or not I’ll be serious about my list, but we’ll see!

  1. You just met the guy online, and “Inglich is nut him naiitive langage” (English is not his native language). Please, RUN.
  2. Your truest friends don’t like the guy… while other people’s opinions shouldn’t be the sole reason for dating/not dating someone, if they can’t stand him, maybe you’re just blinded by lust or in puppy love.
  3. He has ever kissed you and called you by someone elses name… maybe he’s juggling a little too much!
  4. Everyone thinks he’s gay, and your thought process says “okay maybe he’s a bit flamboyant, and I’m a little naive/desperate…”
  5. Whenever you’ve talked marriage before, he hasn’t respected your wishes, or come to agreements with you on big-ticket items(ring/no ring, family/no family, elope/big wedding, kids/no kids, religious differences).
  6. If he gives the attitude to his friends of “Look what he’s got”… he’s only going to parade you around once you’re engaged/married, and it’ll never be about your happiness, but you’ll be an item that he conquered… once there’s no more fight, and nothing left to conquer it usually leads to boredom.
  7. If you both haven’t sought God’s direction, and prayed for his glory and for his will to be done, in your separate and possibly together lives, you better not say ‘yes’… You don’t want to open up your future for a whole mess. Some of these may be funny, but in all seriousness, marriage is an extremely serious covenant relationship between you, your spouse, and God and it can lead to true JOY or to being a gut-wrenching miserable experience… but no matter what, it’s for LIFE… (Sure, Mr. W. and I have had our share of ups and downs, but at the end of every night, no matter how the day has been all I want is a kiss good night, and even the small things-good, or bad- lead to true joy!).

Marriage has been a difficult, enjoyable, hair-pulling, kiss-giving, crying, laughing, lonely, social, JOY filled experience! I know I contradict myself in those sentences, somewhat… but that’s life! I could be all alone and experience all of those things, and be half the woman I am, without my husband! He does not COMPLETE me, but GOD does! God knew just who I needed, and because of that, we do fit like a puzzle… and as life goes on, I’m happy to keep finding new pieces to add!

-Mrs. W.


When the trash can is full and its starting to stink, what do you do? You take out the trash, put a new bag in the bin and start over. The thing furthest from your mind would be to cover it up and pretend that it doesn’t stink, right? Why do we do this so often with relationships? We pretend that everything is “fine and dandy, sweet as candy” when sometimes its just not! I know I’m guilty of letting things just blow over for the sake of peace when in reality, its just not okay! As a Christian, I’ve done this in all aspects, from friendships to my marriage relationship, to my relationship with God. There seems to be a certain level of fear- “Oh I can’t let them see me like this!”.

One British term I loved was saying things are “rubbish”. From how one feels to literal garbage, it just has a way about it. Right now, some stuff is really rubbish. Yep, some areas are stinking in my life. To get real, Mr. W and I have recently sat down and admitted just how rubbish our marriage currently is. We are committed to fixing it, which might mean taking out the parts that stink and not pretending anymore. We are surrounded by other couples from our church who have strong marriages, so I know we’ll find support there. We are picking up the pieces of our together prayer and Bible study time, putting them back together- basically starting from ground zero. We are learning about our love languages and reading through books together. We are on a journey to find what we have lost, and to get rid of the junk we’ve picked up along the way.

Psalm 127:1 says it best “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” This is proving so true. We must find our center, in God, because everything else just brings destruction.

What’s rubbish in your life? Is it time to take out some trash?

-Mrs. W

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