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This is something I came up with a while ago, and used to do on blogger… Erin posted an SMS today, and I decided it would be a good week to do an SMS!

Dear Self,
     You’ve been doing great these past couple of weeks!! Some things to remember this week- treat Mr. W. the best way you possibly can! You’ve got such a great husband, he even goes out to buy you chocolate at BED TIME! What a wonderful man! Keep up the good work using the envelope system and controlling your finances- it’s only working because you’re putting God and your tithe first, and because you’re ACTUALLY communicating with your husband! A few things to work on this week- finish cleaning house and organizing… go through everything with a fine tooth comb and get rid of junk you’re not using! It will significantly help your move in the next few months. And take some time for yourself, it’s almost your birthday… take time to reflect and vision cast for your next year of life.
Mrs. W.


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